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gas line installation for bbq

At Plumb Boss, we’ve been providing plumbing, gas fitting, and heating services to the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area for fifteen years and we’re proud to serve our community in any way we can. Now that summer has arrived in Alberta, it’s time to bring out the swim trunks and prepare for all the backyard barbecues that the season is sure to offer. If you’re hoping to make your yard the popular place to be in the neighbourhood, you should consider getting a gas barbeque that is a part of your home’s gas system installed in your backyard.

Let us at Plumb Boss educate you about all of the advantages a gas barbeque can offer.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Gas Line for a Barbecue?

Getting a gas grill installed has a lot of advantages over other methods. These include:

  • Easy to use. Rather than dealing with bags of charcoal and lighter fluid that just won’t light, a gas grill is easy to use and will never let you down. You can even use them if the weather is less than perfect.

  • No more filling propane tanks. While regular propane grills also have a lot of advantages, you can’t beat the simplicity of a gas grill that’s tapped into your home’s gas line. Getting a grill that’s connected to your home’s gas line means no more trips to the store and carrying heavy tanks of propane.

  • Easily included in larger construction jobs. If you’re remodeling the yard, why not add a gas grill too? When you’re installing a gas line in your yard you can even include a fireplace and extend the usefulness of your patio into the colder months.

What Goes into the Installation?

Luckily, with the experts from Plumb Boss, installing a gas barbeque isn’t that difficult. When we come to your home, we’ll just have to shut of your gas for a period of time, tap into your existing gas line, run a new pipe to where your grill station will be, hook it up to your barbeque, and install any shut-off valves that are necessary. You should definitely let a professional handle this job, even if it is straightforward. Whenever you’re dealing with gas, there’s the chance of an accident. A professional will know how to safely install your equipment.

Where Can I Find More Information on Gas Grill Installation?

If you’d like to know more about gas fitting, plumbing, or heating services, including installing a new barbecue, contact us today. We at Plumb Boss are ready to do our part to make sure that everyone in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area has a summer to remember.


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