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Satisfy Your Tenant’s Needs with a Tenant Improvement in Edmonton

Leasing a property can be a challenge, especially if your tenant has particular needs that they want to meet. Whether your tenant needs newer plumbing in the kitchen or is looking for a way to warm up during winter, you can always count on Plumb Boss for your tenant improvement in Edmonton.

Our team of professionals can provide numerous improvements for the space your tenant is occupying, including:

  • Plumbing or mechanical changes, additions, or modifications to commercial or industrial spaces
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
  • Unit and/or space heaters
  • Commercial fixtures—drinking fountains, bottle fillers, urinals, eyewash stations, emergency showers, and chemical stations

Keep your tenant satisfied with your property by giving it an upgrade with Plumb Boss’ team of professionals. We understand how big an investment your property is, and we want to make sure you can keep it running in a way that satisfies both you and your tenant.

For safe, quick, and reliable tenant improvements, contact us today.



Turn to Plumb Boss!

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