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Commercial & Residential Plumbing in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Plumb Boss specializes in commercial and residential renovations, new installations, repairs and preventative maintenance for properties of all types. We offer expert-level plumbing for Edmonton and surrounding areas from a highly skilled and certified team of technicians. We have extensive experience in commercial projects, including restaurants and all types of food service applications. Whether you are a business owner, property manager or homeowner, you can count on timely and professional service. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or request immediate service

Efficient Service Using the Latest Technology

With our expertise, we’ll make sure your plumbing stays in top condition. We also utilize the latest industry advancements and techniques to make sure your plumbing is safe, fully functional and flowing smoothly. Our team is experienced with the following:


Pipe-freezing equipment – in some commercial or multi-storey residential applications, it may be impractical or cause a great deal of inconvenience to completely shut off the water supply to make a repair. There may be other situations where the shutoff valves are inoperable. In these cases, pipe freezing may be the solution. A special plumbing kit that uses liquid nitrogen or another refrigerant may be used to stop the flow of water while the repair is made. A shutoff valve may also be used for large repairs.
Backflow installation, testing, and certification – a backwater valve will protect your home and help you avoid costly repair bills caused by basement flooding. This one-way valve prevents water from backing up through your sewer drain. Many older homes do not have the proper backflow prevention installed and may be at risk depending on the location of the home. As your trusted plumbing professionals in Edmonton, we offer inspections and backflow installation, testing and certification.
Camera inspection and video diagnostics – in order to get a clear look at your sewer and plumbing lines, we can use camera inspections and video diagnostics to get to the heart of the problem in a hurry. By using a camera-tipped cable, we can carefully examine the interior of your pipes with video that is transmitted to an external monitor.

Request Plumbing in Edmonton & Area

At Plumb Boss, we know how important your plumbing is. It’s what gives you easy access to fresh, clean water and what takes away unsanitary water and sewage that could become a hazard to your health. Don’t let bacteria overtake your water. Keep your water clean and clear by working with our certified professionals.


If you have a commercial or residential plumbing project in, Edmonton or surrounding areas, give us a call to get started. We can handle all of your retrofits, repairs, new installations and emergencies with expert plumbers who know how to protect your property.



Turn to Plumb Boss!

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