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Get the Best Plumbing Services in Edmonton that You Deserve

Whether your home, business, or restaurant needs plumbing help, you can count on Plumb Boss to deliver. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best plumbing services, no matter the industry.

Without great plumbing, you can run into health issues, such as unsanitary water and broken toilets. To help you avoid these issues, we are determined to provide the best plumbing services for Edmonton and surrounding communities, and their commercial, residential, and hospitality industries.


When you choose Plumb Boss, you can receive the following plumbing services from our team of plumbing professionals:

Drainage clog
Drainage backup
Sewer repairs
Sewer replacement

Garburator repair and replacement

Burst pipe repair
Pipes replacement
Water heater repair
Water heater replacement
Water heater maintenance
Water heater boilers

Sump pump installation and repairs

Backflow testing and repairs

To learn more details about some of these services, take a look at our plumbing and sewer/drain pages.

We also offer quality services outside of plumbing. Check out our pages on gas fitting, heating, and tenant improvement to learn more!

If you are looking for the best team to provide you with these services, look no further than Plumb Boss.
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Turn to Plumb Boss!

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