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drain cleaning

You don’t have to be a commercial plumber to know that we get a lot of rain and snow in Sherwood Park and the rest of the Edmonton area. Every spring, when all the snow melts, flooding becomes a real threat to many homes. One of the most efficient and effective ways of protecting your home from water damage is a sump pump.

What’s a sump pump?

If you don’t have one already, you’ve probably seen one as they’re popular in the Edmonton area. Sump pumps are machines that go in the lowest part of your basement (whether that’s in a laundry room, crawlspace, or other area will depend on your home). As their name suggests, sump pumps register when there’s excess water in your basement and, when there is, pumps it away from your home through a system of pipes.

How do I know my sump pump is working?

The best way to be sure that your sump pump has been properly serviced is to hire a commercial plumber from the Sherwood Park or Edmonton areas. Commercial plumbers do extensive pump work and are well rehearsed with servicing, cleaning and installing all brands and types of pumps. Most residential plumbers will also do this work, however, you will want to ensure they are fluent with sump pumps. He or she will be able to do a thorough diagnostic of your pump and let you know if any maintenance is necessary. Between check-ups, however, there are still things you can to do check if your pump is in good working order, such as:

  • Check every so often if your pump’s automatic warning signal has activated. Most pumps these days are equipped with some kind of self-diagnostic capability, whether this is an alarm or other feature. Keep an eye out to see if your machine is letting you know it needs to be serviced.

  • Pour a bucket of water over your pump to check that it comes on automatically. One of the quickest and easiest ways to check if your pump is working is to make it work. If the test doesn’t work, it won’t really tell you what’s wrong with your pump exactly, but it will let you know it’s time to call your local plumber in Sherwood Park.

  • Clean the grate under your pump. Sump pumps are pretty sturdy machines but you will need to clean them every so often. Unplug your pump and take it out of the sump pit to gain access to the whole unit. Clean the machine and the grate underneath to make sure no grime or small pebbles get in the machine and block its functioning.

If you need a commercial plumber in the Sherwood Park or larger Edmonton areas, contact us at Plumb Boss today. We can make sure your sump pump is in proper working order before all the Alberta snow melts, causing moisture in your home.


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