Experience Quality residential & commercial Plumbing in Edmonton & sherwood park

Plumb Boss specializes in new commercial and residential renovations for plumbing in Edmonton. We ensure all our clients receive quality and timely servicing for all their plumbing needs. Our reliable staff have made it their mission to help our clients as much as possible, regardless of the original issue.

With our expertise, we’ll make sure your plumbing stays in top condition. We provide the following latest technology and quality services to keep your plumbing clear and flowing:

  • Pipe-freezing equipment that can freeze a line without shutting down the building
  • Backflow installation, testing, and certification
  • Camera inspection
  • Video diagnostics

At Plumb Boss, we know how important your plumbing is. It’s what gives you easy access to fresh, clean water and what takes away unsanitary water and sewage that could become a hazard to your health.

Don’t let bacteria overtake your water. Keep your water clean and clear by contacting us today.

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